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Software  Awards

PC Tech "Software Design Award 2002"  
Most Innovative Educational Software
for Children

Reviews and Testimonials

A far more effective way to teach children than ordinary books. I wish I had
such programs when I was young ! My daughter likes the alphabet and spelling
 programs very much. -  Christine Hoffmann, Perth, Australia  


your programs have helped my son to improve his grades in school.
-  Pablo Mascarenhas, Rio, Brazil   


well done, good programs, cheap and very useful for teaching my kids
- Ahmed Zubair Mahathir, Kaula Lumpur, Malaysia


I use your software to teach my students and they are well designed and easy to use.
- Carol Olson, Grade School Teacher, Finland

Good programs for Kids. Neat interface design and easy to set up and
use. Keep up the good work !   - Jason Matthews, Denver, Colorado, USA

       my son understand math much better after using your program,
                                       - Roh Tae Park , Pusan, South Korea  


your products are well designed and my kids love them !
                           - Walter van Vogt, Hamburg, Germany


  My child had great difficulty in understanding the Multiplication Tables, but after
   I used Multiplicatron to teach her, she is now able to grasp the times tables easily
                                                 -  Kathy Fischer, Canada  


    good software collection, my daughter loved Nursery Rhymes
                                                       - Markus Lindberg, Sweden   

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